June 20


A transmission is what changes the gear of an engine, thereby transferring the engine’s power to the wheels with the purpose of moving the vehicle ahead.

June 20


Performing a car diagnostic test can reveal a range of problems associated with the car’s transmission, oil tank, petrol tank, exhaust system and various other components of the car.

June 17


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June 16

Fuel Injections

If your car is behaving strangely, whether it’s difficult to start, the engine hesitates, the gas mileage isn’t as high as it once was, or if your idle is rough, it could be a problem with your fuel injectors. Fuel Injection Service Clean $105.95 (plus taxes).

June 16

A/C Repair

(You see Debbie up there ^, Don’t be like Debbie!.) You’re not the only one who counts on your vehicle’s cooling system for relief from the heat in the summer. Your automobile needs a properly working cooling system to keep it from overheating as well. & Face it no one wants to be with out […]

June 14

Shock & Struts

Designed to control the tires, to keep them in contact with the road surface as much as possible. If vehicle tires are free to bounce (which is what happens when struts and shocks wear) they are not as effective at gripping the road, so steering, handling, and braking are all affected.

June 13

Maintenance Schedule

Let A&A Auto help you to keep your vehicle maintained!