In 1982 Alex Meehleib was working in a Honda Dealership in California and decided that he enjoyed working on vehicles enough to establish his own repair facility. In 1985 he opened Meehleib Auto Repair; specializing in Honda/Acura. In 2000 Alex Meehleib moved to Phoenix Arizona and opened Phoenix Ind. Honda/Acura. In 2009 he then changed the name to A&A Auto Repair working on all makes and models of vehicles.

Meehleib’s main purpose behind A&A Auto is “Providing my customers the best quality service possible, I believe that A&A Auto is different from others because we specialize and perform honest and quality work here. Here at A&A Auto we strive to treat each customer with great respect and give the best affordable pricing.” – Alex Meehleib

Alex Meehleib would like to give special thanks to the people that help the most in establishing his business and helping it grow to where it has today. His wife, family, friends and most important his dedicated customers of his are all apart of how successful A&A Auto has become.